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Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for giving me the freedom to fly anywhere in the world after my hypnotherapy session with you. As you know my fear of flying stopped me from oversees holidays and visiting family. I was sceptical that a hypnotherapy session would work but you made me feel really at ease, explained everything that was going to happen and it has completely worked.

I would highly recommend anyone considering hypnotherapy to go ahead and book it with you because my life has changed for the better.


Kind regards,

Jenny Coppin

HypnoYoga Workshops

Sometimes you find a match made in heaven and the combination of Hypnotherapy and Hatha & Yin Yoga provide just that match.

Each month each session offers a unique pathway towards changing your life for the better.

Incredibly relaxing Yoga releasing your body and all of its deep tension combines beautifully with taking you deep into a completely relaxing state of hypnosis where we can talk directly to your sub-conscious.

In person attendance at our canal side location in Lymm Cheshire is limited to 8 people. £40.00 (£35.00 to members)
Remote access to this wonderful four hour experience is available for £25.00 from our online studio.

Hypnotherapy Group Sessions

These sessions offer small supported groups usually 3-4 sessions in total and around 2 hours for each session - we are currently working in groups changing peoples habit to LOSE WEIGHT. deal with STRESS & ANXIETY and REDUCE YOUR ALCHOHOL INTAKE.

Each session is £30.00 to non-members and £25.00 to members

June 18th - Group Hypnotherapy for Weight loss and healthy eating. Really popular and really effective 2 hour sessions offering great support and a change of lifestyle.

£30.00 per session.

To reserve your space please contact via e-mail or text; 07757 547692

Yoga at Home
Yoga at Home


This ancient practice is widely recognised as an incredibly powerful tool to improve both your physical and mental strengths. These classes are designed for all levels, shapes, ages and ability so if you have never done yoga then the workshops are a perfect place to begin. I have been teaching my style of deep stretching yoga for many years and I know the great benefits you will experience from your practice now and into your future.


Talking directly to your sub conscious mind in a relaxed and intimate environment, strengthening your inner self esteem and helping you to make long lasting fantastic changes to your life. Morphing from deeply relaxed yoga into a hypnotic state is a perfect and natural way to talk to your inner self. Each workshop focussed on a particular issue but always beginning with helping you improve you self esteem and the way you view yourself and your life. Indulge your self 

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"Somehow feels like a weight has been lifted and I feel really happy positive & energetic. Food wise its just kicked me back into touch, I have never craved as much fruit as I have the last couple of days! So thank you, your genuineness is one in a million" (a quote from one of todays students)

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