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All New 'Stretch & Strength' class

Don't like Gyms? Haven't got time to attend classes? Would you like to get stronger at home? You don't have a home gym set up? 

This new ZOOM class is just what you are looking for, I am going to combine Yoga and strengthening techniques using your own body weight to Improve your strength and your flexibility, with a staged approach this class gives options for all levels from beginners to those already experiencing a reasonable level of fitness....

All Ages All Shapes All Comers x

Get strong Get flexible

I have been teaching people Hatha Yoga for many years in LIVE classes and more recently on zoom. The Covid experience left me with the Gyms closed and with no option but to work out at home, and guess what? With a little bit of thought and combining the stronger movements and postures of yoga with some simple 'own bodyweight' exercises you can get STRONG and get FLEXIBLE with NO EQUIPMENT at HOME! 

Yoga at Home

Sat Feb 19th @ 10.15am

Join us by following the link to our online Studio, We already offer 160 Yoga and fitness and meditation Videos you can do anytime at your convenience 


Our new class is available at £4.00 per session with a 'One Time' purchase. 

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