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stay positive in isolation or in loneliness

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A hypnotic journey to find the positives in isolation and relieving your fears and worries.

This 30 minute Hyponosis takes you deeply into a state of relaxation and  from there allows me to talk to your sub-concious about being positive during  difficult times or periods of lonliness. This is about turning negatives into positives x

your weightloss journey

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This is your beginning on a journey of change. If you had not decided to change the way you eat and lose weight you would not be reading this right now.

Hypnosis is an aid to your own inner power to change yourself and your life. There is no doubt that excess weight is indeed damaging for your overall health. You have a responsibility to yourself to be as healthy as you possibly can be. Recent tragic events surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic highlight the massive influence being overweight has on victims. I hope that this Hypnosis session can help you towards a healthier body and mindset. There are 2 versions of this Session, this one includes hypnotic music and a beginning that takes you though a relaxing journey around your body relaxing it muscle by muscle x

kids meditation for calming and to aid sleep

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This is a Hypnosis/Meditation aimed at Children from 10 upwards through teens who might be anxious or having trouble with sleeping or struggling to find their place in a confusing world.

In this meditation we gently introduce your child to the concept of a meditation and then begin in a reassuring manner to bring them into a state of gentle relaxation using natural imagery to relax the body physically.

It moves on to 'shine' an inner light around the child identifying areas of the body related to Intuition, rest & tranquility, harmony, balance & love, wisdom and creativity, sprituality strength and stamina. 

In the end it intends to leave your child feeling joyful and happy with the life they have it opens windows onto different ways to see the world and their place within it and hopefully dissipates anxiety. Please listen first to see if you think it would help you own child as you know them best x

reduce or stop evening drinking

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One of the biggest issues many people are facing during the pressures of Lockdown has been the slow yet sure increase in the amount of alchohol being consumed in the evenings.

This Hypnosis track is designed to take you into a deep state of hypnosis, its aim is to create in you a state of relaxation where you become suggestible to ideas that will help you reduce or even stop your drinking in the evenings. You might have found that the time you start drinking has become earlier and earlier and the duration you drink for has become longer and longer. These things creep up on you and can become a problem and it might be that you have decided you need to address the issue.

With your good intentions this hypnosis track can help to support you in this journey towards reducing or even stopping the amount of alchohol you are drinking in the evenings, always remember however if you think you have a serious problem please contact your GP for professional medical advice.

helping coronovirus anxiety

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At a time of fear about the Coronovirus people are suffering from anxiety not just about the Virus but about the conditions of isolation and lockdown.

This Clinical Hypnosis begins by taking you into a deep state of relaxation allowing your subconcious to absorb the messages of positivity within this Hypnotherapy session. Accentuating the positive, focussing upon the things that you can control, not worrying about the media and bringing forth and embracing great memories. All come together leaving you feeling invigorated and calm with the tools to beat your anxiety today and into the future. Find a quiet space and an hour of time to listen and absorb.

stop boredom eating & enjoy healthy food

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Eating out of Boredom is one of the main causes of weight gain especially when combined when eating the wrong types of unhealthy food.

This clinical hypnosis is designed to stop you from eating out of boredom its also going to steer you away from eating the wrong types of junk food and into an enjoyment of the very healthiest food. It starts by taking you into a deep state of relaxation allowing your sub-concious mind to embrace change and new ideas, it takes you on a journey through the different rooms of your mind and switches your mindset positively towards making the kinds of changes you need to make to lose weight and be healthy ! Find 45 minutes of time and a quiet space and change your mind today x

improve self confidence and self esteem

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At the root of so many issues lies a lack of confidence and  self esteem and if we can improve these then we can improve so much in our lives.

This clinical hypnotherapy session is designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation from which I can help your subconcious mind bolster your confidence and improve your self esteem levels. Issues with food, alchohol and a myriad of all sorts of problems begin here. I would suggest you do the session twice in the first and second weeks and then weekly to bolster and reafirm the hypnosis until you feel completely able to meet the world with total confidence feeling great about yourself x

cure your phobia of spiders

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Use this session to help you with your Spider Phobia and free yourself from this irrational fear.

It might sound to some to be a minor Phobia but a phobia of Spiders can be quite debilitating so this Hypnotherapy session is designed to help you resolve these issues, I would try the session then wait 3 days and repeat and then again a week later and see the results, you can of course use it more often if you feel the need or 1 seesion might do be enough! Be open to change and good luck x

helping you to enjoy a good nights sleep

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This is designed to take you on a an inward  journey through nature into a deep and peaceful sleep x

This hypnosis is for those looking for an aid to sleep. As in all hypnosis make sure that you are prepared and ready for your hypnotic journey be safe and enjoy this experience walking through and experiencing the wonders of nature x

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