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Testimonials from Our Online Students

Straight from the Source

I Love 'Our Holistic Space' ! Beginners to advanced, long or short sessions, yoga for children, pilates, relaxations and hypnotherapy, all guided by wonderful Teachers. I love the 'Forest Bathing' meditations. Even stuck inside it transports you to beautiful outdoor places. great to use for meditation, it helps me start the day with a positive relaxed attitude. All this for a very low weekly subscription.

Yvonne Singh

Loving the yoga ! Especially Gary's live evening classes. Stretching into the postures for longer to really make it feel like its worked hard. Started the day with the "beautiful day" meditation today and it was like I was there on the beach! Feel very chilled. Thanks Gary

Jemma Rathbone

"I've been eating less junk food since I started listening to your hypnotherapy sessions. I do drift off a bit as they are so relaxing but my subconscious seems to be taking it in. 🙂"


Marta Wintle

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for giving me the freedom to fly anywhere in the world after my hypnotherapy session with you. As you know my fear of flying stopped me from oversees holidays and visiting family. I was sceptical that a hypnotherapy session would work but you made me feel really at ease, explained everything that was going to happen and it has completely worked.


With the coping mechanism and mantra you gave me, I flew for the first time earlier this month and I felt great. I no longer had the dread and anxiety and I actually enjoyed the flights. I have since booked another holiday next June 2022 and am looking forward to it. 


I would highly recommend anyone considering hypnotherapy to go ahead and book it with you because my life has changed for the better.

Jenny Coppin

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"Somehow feels like a weight has been lifted and I feel really happy positive & energetic. Food wise its just kicked me back into touch, I have never craved as much fruit as I have the last couple of days! So thank you, your genuineness is one in a million" (a quote from one of todays students)

Nina Pond

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